Yesterday your rival was a neighboring team...This morning it's the emo kid that bit your roommate's arm off! An infestation of brain thirsty Zombies are closing in on our state's capital! Will you survive?

Our team of survival guides will be in downtown Columbia to assist you in your escape to the safe zone in Columbia's Riverfront Park on April 5th 2014! Spaces are limited. Registered Participants for the Carolina Culture Zombie Experience compete not only for glory, but also for a chance to win a new Xbox One! Like our Facebook page to receive registration discount offers & continued information on our upcoming event.

This all day obstacle course adventure will have food, art vendors, and live music during event hours of 9am-5pm! The first 600 to register get a SWAG BAG which includes local goodies, free food on run day and a free t-shirt.

There is only 1 question to ask yourself-- Are you tough enough to make it or will you become the infected?

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